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Although a new government has been formed in Bihar and a new cabinet is in place, the analysis of election results has not yet stopped. For some the results brought happiness and for some they brought grief and sorrow. Those who have lost the elections are also analyzing the causes for their defeat and fixing responsibilities. Although publicly they are not saying anything, the results are really worrisome to them, because in a few days they have to face elections in Assam and West Bengal. While they are trying to strengthen their presence in West Bengal, the ground seems to be favourable to them in Assam. Certainly, they must be thinking of adopting a new strategy in these two States as their old strategy has failed miserably both in Delhi and Bihar. Moreover, they have to face elections in the largest State, UP, too which must have also worried them a lot.

It is not that the parties which won the election in Bihar are not worried; actually their test and trial has commenced now. Soon after the announcement of election results, Mr. Nitish Kumar addressing a crowded press conference had said that the Bihar elections are to be seen in the background of the entire country. It has a message that the country is in need of a strong political alternative, and it is for Bihar to present such an alternative by performing well and to the satisfaction of all. It is being alleged by the opposition that the Government of Nitish Kumar lacks talent to implement its schemes. Now the Bihar Government has to prove these allegations wrong by its performance and present before the country an alternative political setup.

Dawat Sehroza 25-11-15 editorial translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com

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