A New Book on Malala

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A news report says that a new book has been published from Pakistan. It is understood from the news report that the book deals with some important and extraordinary things. The name of the book is “I am not Malala,” and is written by Mirza Kashif Ali in response to the book “I am Malala” written by Malala Yusufzai. When Malala’s book was published, no urgency or need was felt to read it as it could be easily predicted what might have been written in it. The background of the prediction was those forces which after saving Malala from a doubtful or fake attack had placed her on a pedestal and was rewarded with awards after awards which finally culminated in her getting the half of the Noble Prize along with a real social worker Prakash Satyarthi, as if Malala was the first brave girl to fight for the liberation of girls and their education. Everyone knows that the attention and recognition that Malala got was not personally meant for her; rather under its pretence efforts were made to mount attacks on Islamic principles and standards and give Islam and true Muslims a bad name.

Why the Issues are Extraordinary

The author of “I am not Malala” is the President of the All Pakistan Private Schools Federation. According to the Pakistani newspaper, The Nation, the author speaking on the occasion of launching of his book said: “Malala is a darling of the West… The same people who created al-Qaueda and the Islamic State (IS) have created Malala.” He further said: “The book is written with the aim to reveal the truth and counter anti-Islamic propaganda and expose the nefarious designs of anti-Islam forces.” The Federation is also going to move the court to ban “I am Malala” across the country. These utterances against Malala are extraordinary because usually nothing is publiclysaid about or against her. Because of the offensive mounted by the anti-Islamic forces from every corner, even the intellectuals maintain silence on the issue fearing that they might be labeled as conservatives and fundamentalists. In this situation most of the Muslims develop inferiority complex and say only those things that the anti-Islamic forces want to hear. Since America acts as the guardian of Malala, even the Pakistani Government does not want to make public the real facts. Almost daily, scores of children are killed by the drone attacks in the territories to which Malala belongs to, but she never utters a single word against these atrocities, because she says only what her mentors want her to say.

What was Malala?

Malala Yusufzai was a small innocent child who had a zeal for education. She not only wanted to get educated herself but used to prompt her friends too. If anyone told her that the Moulvi Sahib is against educating girls, she used to get annoyed. The anti-Islamic agents thought that this innocent girl should be used and they began to misuse her shamelessly. Perhaps Mirza Kashif has pointed out these facts in his book, and indeed his remarks that the powers which had created al-Qaeda (against Russia) and ISIS (against Islam and Muslim community) have also brought to fore Malala. We do not have a copy of the book “I am not Malala” with us and hence we do not know the way it is written. If it has not been written well, its effect would be less. The demand to ban the book “I am Malala” is also wrong. People should be allowed to read the book. Then only they will be able to appreciate the book “I am not Malala.” The author has also spoken about the ISIS in time under whose banner attacks have been carried out in Paris, France, on November 13, by anti-Islam forces.

Dawat Sehroza 19-11-15 Khabar o Nazar by Parwaaz Rehmani translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com

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