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The American President Obama soon after coming to power, in an interview given to the TV channel Al-Arabia on January 26, 2009, had said that he had a great responsibility to convince the Muslim world that America was not its enemy. Again, in that year, when he visited Egypt he extended the hand of friendship towards the Muslim world and said that that was a beginning of a friendship which would progress on the basis of mutual benefits and mutual respect, and that efforts would be made to remove the misunderstandings between the two. Thereafter, addressing the Turkish Parliament on May 26, 2013, he reiterated that Turkey was an American ally and had advocated inclusion of Turkey in the European Union. However, his tenor changed in the recently held G-20 Conference in Turkey. While speaking in the Conference on November 16, he accused the Muslim community of not doing enough to oppose terrorism as was expected of it and that it should ensure that their youth should not join ISIS. There is a noticeable change in the American President. While earlier in his presidency he was trying to fill the gap between America and the Muslim world which had been created by his predecessor’s, George Bush, war on terror, now he seems to have been treading on the same path of his predecessor and speaking in his language. On the other hand, the statement of President Putin of Russia that ISIS gets financial aid from 40 countries, which include some of the G-20 countries, created a sensation in the Conference; he also shared evidence in this regard with the member countries.

The statements of Mr. Obama and other leaders give the impression that terrorism is associated with Islam and Muslims alone, whereas it has been agreed upon that terrorism and terrorists cannot be connected with any particular religion or community. When Israel attacks and kills innocent Palestinian Muslims, no one says that it is a Jewish or Israeli terrorism, though Israel is the biggest terrorist State in the world; when Burmese Buddhists kill Rohingya Muslims and destroy their habitats, nobody declares it to be Buddhist terrorism; and when America attacked Iraq without any cause and proof, and killed millions of people and destroyed an entire country and nation, no one dare call it Christian terrorism. Then, why acts of violence committed by individual Muslims or groups of Muslims are portrayed as Islamic terrorism or Muslim terrorism?

The international community knows that American is behind the creation and establishment of Taliban earlier and now ISIS. It used Taliban to defeat Soviet Union in Afghanistan and now using ISIS to remove Bashar al-Asad from power. It is America which has trained and armed ISIS with weapons. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for a rag-tag group to equip itself so fully in a short period of time. For several months now, America with an alliance of 40 countries is supposed to be fighting ISIS, but has not been able to defeat it. Is it really a war or just a drama which is being enacted? While America says that ISIS is a threat to the entire world, Israel says that it is not a threat to Israel. If really ISIS was working for the cause of Islam, it would have undertaken some kind of operations against Israel too. So far it has not done so. The reality behind the drama that is being played out in the name of ISIS should be tried to be analyzed and fully understood as to how far it is religious and how far it is political. Terrorism, pogroms, communal riots and attacks on other countries come under the definition of murder and shedding of human blood, and every one of them is a crime against humanity which should be strongly condemned. It should not be the case that if innocent Muslims are killed, massacred, looted and their habitats are destroyed, no one sheds a tear, and a hue and cry is raised even if Muslim involvement is suspected in any act of violence. In the name of war against terrorism, millions of Muslims have been killed in Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East. But the world has never condemned it and has remained a silent spectator. Is the blood of others is considered to be the real blood and the blood of Muslims is nothing but just water? What an irony; the very Muslims who have been afflicted the most and have lost their lives, wealth and habitats the most in the name of both official and non-official acts of terrorism are being asked to stand in the dock as criminals. The fundamental question is: when it is said that religion has nothing to do with terrorism then why Islam is being associated with acts of terrorism?

Dawat Sehroza 22-11-15 editorial translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com

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  1. shahnawaz khan says:

    The great poet iqbal taught the lesson bt we took it in disappointing sense.
    Hum ah bhi karte he to hojate he badnam
    Wo qatla bhi karte he to charcha nahi hota.

    What if we took the lesson avoiding heaving sigh and took necessary action against the conspiracy of them. We would answer in their languages

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