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Nihal Sagheer

If even one per cent of the tears that were shed over the Paris attacks had been shed over the murder of thousands of innocent persons by oppressive regimes, and if they had received justice and if their oppressors, instead of getting rewarded with plum positions, had been severely punished, perhaps the children and the women, however small their number might be, would not have been orphaned and widowed in Paris. But, today the situation is such that everyone is reacting to the reactions, and is not prepared to ponder over the reasons behind the reaction. Nobody talks about acts of terrorism committed by various governments. But tries to get into the forefront in condemning individual acts of terrorism and starts to indict an entire community as criminal. The ISIS is in existence only for the past 18 months and it might not have killed even one thousand persons. But King Abdullah of Jordan says that ISIS has killed more than one million Muslims. Nobody knows when and how the ISIS killed such a large number of persons, and on what basis King Abdullah has compiled this data. Abdullah is the king of Jordan and all the kingdoms in the Arab world feel threatened by the revolution of Arab Spring, and his government could also be a victim of the Arab uprising. Therefore, these people are in the habit of spreading around unfounded stories. The incidents attributed to underground and so-called terrorist organization are never investigated and proved. After the incidents, an anonymous phone call or e-mail is enough to accuse an organization of their choice; no further investigation or proof is required. The underground organizations do not operate openly and their spokesmen do not openly issue statements in front of the public to deny the accusations leveled against them. Even if such a statement is issued, our media seldom gives coverage to it. It is the statement of “eminent leaders” that count. They just have to accuse a particular organization and community, and it becomes the truth and no one dares to raise his voice against it.

In our childhood, nearly forty years ago, in the cold nights of winter, whenever a single jackal howled, the other jackals joined him and howled in chorus and there used to be a terrific din and we children, getting afraid, used to dig deep into our beds. A similar spectacle was to be seen after the Paris incidents. As soon as the jackals howled, the other creatures also joined them. No longer had a few militants killed about 150 persons in Paris, the entire world was engulfed in a commotion, and the world was flooded with condemnation, admonition, and absolution. The strangest part of this whole episode was the incomprehensible and unending reaction of the Muslim leadership. Why should we, as a community, apologize? A young Hindi journalist, Vaseem Akram Tayagi, poses the question: Have we ever blamed the entire Hindu community for the demolition of the Babri Masjid, and has any member of the Hindu community ever apologized on behalf of the Hindu community? Similarly, have we accused the Hindu community for the Gujarat communal riots and the Hindus have collectively apologized for it? Then why should the Muslims, whenever an incident of terrorism occurs anywhere in the world began to profusely apologize on behalf of the Muslim community and go on repeating the sermon that Islam does not teach terrorism and that the Quran declares killing of one innocent person as killing of the entire humanity. My brothers, stop this replay. The world knows that neither Islam teaches terrorism and nor are the Muslims terrorists. Even if the Muslim leaders desist from expressing the truth, Allah can make even anti-Islam forces to speak for it. Our leaders not only feel guilty but are in the habit of engulfing the entire community in a guilty psychosis.

In the report of the Gujarat riots, one of the Urdu journalists had pointed out that the senseless condemnation of the Godhra train incident by the Muslim leadership and its unending continuation convinced the Muslim masses that they were indeed responsible for the incident and they were rightly being punished which made them to bow down before the rioters. Who had asked Moulana Mahamood Madani to campaign against terrorism? What kind of benefits he is foreseeing from this campaign, except to overwhelm the Muslim community with despondency? What else he will gain from it? When we are not terrorist nor Islam teaches terrorism, why should we be apologetic and keep on proving our innocence?

On the one hand those who claim to be our leaders surrender without a fight before the onslaught of the government propaganda and the media. But on the other hand, our younger generation, who keeps an open eye on the prevalent situation and is free from the mentality of accepting any accusation without proof, is not ready to adopt a defensive position when any accusation is made against it or its community, though it understands well that the situation is very dangerous and that it will have to face serious consequences for such an attitude. Without going out of the boundaries of law, the Muslim younger generation tries to portray the truth and the facts, and when it confronts the society with the truth, quite often, the accusers are seen fleeing the field. On the contrary, those of our leaders who have never faced any difficult situation and who sitting in their air-conditioned homes and offices and travelling in luxury cars feel always necessary to register their sense of outrage and condemnation on such incidents. After the Paris incident, when the entire world leadership was talking in one tone, our youths were expressing their feelings on the social media in another tenor. After reading the following one such expression, you can very well understand how our younger generation is showing courage and steadfastness in these difficult circumstances.

“People of France, kindly pardon me; I have heard that a great calamity has fallen upon you. Have heard that a few of your children have got orphaned and a few women have been widowed. Heard that your very valuable warm blood (the price for the protection of which many Muslim children, women, and the aged had paid by their blood) was spilled on the roads. Heard that the entire world was shaken by your cries and wailing. Heard that you have been greatly wronged. But, pardon me O people of France; I cannot see your blood, because the innocent blood of the children of Syria and Palestine has filled my eyes to the brim as tears, and from behind these tears your blood looks like mineral water and not human blood. Pardon me O citizens of France; the wailing and mourning of your widows seems like a lullaby to me as I have gotten tired of listening to the wailing of my millions of sisters who have lost their husbands at the altar of your mad power. O people of France, thousand apologies. I am unable to see your orphaned children because here, in front of me, thousands of orphaned children are wailing and crying out their heart whose parents have been snatched away for the uncommitted crimes. Pardon me, I am not a hardhearted person nor do I enjoy when blood is spilled. But your lamentations have made me remember the cries of the innocent Muslims, which never raised the conscience of the world. Hence, pardon me O people of France, I cannot share your grief, because as long as my blood is being spilled, I cannot notice your blood.”

Look, how elegantly this young man is trying to show the real face of the world in the light of their hue and cry on the Paris incident. He is not expressing his happiness over the shedding of blood in Paris. His thoughts show that he is very much grieved by this bloodshed. But he is trying to state the fact that when a person is himself grieving he cannot feel the grief of other person. He wants to draw the attention of the world and say that enough blood has been shed, now let us talk about peace and justice. On the contrary our so-called leaders do not have the courage to look in the eyes of the world and tell them if you want peace then deliver justice to the oppressed; otherwise, this world would be always begging for peace. When non-Muslim leaders, intellectuals and scholars like Mr. Katju have the guts to say so, why the Muslim leaders should hesitate and show cowardice to do so.

Another young man expresses his feeling on the social network as follows:

“I wanted to condemn the Paris attacks, but I could not find any way to do it. When I went out to condemn, my first station was Afghanistan. Thought that I should express my sorrow here, but even after 14 years of shoving and pushing by the NATO, I could not find the time to do so as I was very busy in burying dead bodies. From here I somehow stumbled on to Iraq where I had so many wounds on my body that while counting them I reached Syria. In Syria found the evening of sorrow setting in. I saw so many “Aylans” that I forgot the count of barrel bombs. Oh, then I remembered that I had come out to express my sorrow and grief. But when found that all the roads to France are closed, thought of changing the route. Went towards Somalia, but saw the wounds of Sudan. Ignoring it when looked at Libya there was darkness everywhere. With a hard heart arrived in Mali but the situation in Algeria fettered my feet. Now what shall I do; I want to condemn the incident.”

Those who are afflicted with the fashion of delivering condemnation at a drop of hat would say that this you man was going in the wrong direction and that he did not want to condemn the incident in the first place; rather he is validating the incident. But if we carefully read his statements, we will find that he is not validating the Paris incident; rather he is enumerating the crimes committed and are being committed by the unscrupulous people of the world against the Muslim community and simultaneously he is trying to raise the conscience and self-respect of the Muslim leadership from its deep slumber though chances of raising them are very remote.

Dawat Sehroza 28-11-15 article by Nihal Sagheer translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com

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  1. M A Quader says:

    Like Paric several things should not have happened. For example Afganistan should not have been flattened because of One Osama ? Iraqs weapens of mass destrution are yet to be found ?Taleban/Alqaeda were good so long they were fighting USSR. Now they are bad , USSR has become Russia. So called Islamic States marriage of convinience is turning to partial (for USA ) or complete divorce ( for Russia ) .Syrias desttruction is going on step by step. Several types of weapons and other logistics are tested without almost nil WEST human loss ? Millions of Muslims are being wiped out .And MEDIA ????…… Profits of corporates is important….

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