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Dr. Azhar Waheed

Nobility is not found just in name and genealogy; rather to manifest the nobility of man who has been declared as the best of the creatures, education and lessons in civility are most essential. After all, every one of the 124,000 Prophets (peace be upon them), had come as a teacher of humanity. Without learning the lesson of humanity, how can anyone be called a human being? The raw diamond which comes out of the mine does not carry any value unless and until it is properly cut and assayed by a jeweler. Education has an indestructible relationship with training and grooming. Without grooming education is incomplete. Education is just a book; training and grooming is the teacher. If the teacher, keeping in view the students, does not become himself an exemplary model, the objective of training cannot be achieved.

The secret of the Turks being so civilized is found in their education system. For a population of nearly 80 million, Turkey has 193 universities which compete with the European universities. The universities are so vast that they resemble small cities. The Government allots land for the university in the best location of the city, and within a short time the university grows and becomes rich and self-sufficient. It begins to implement its own economic projects as an independent organization; a few universities have their own dairy products and the income derived from them is used for the welfare of the students and do not burden the Government much. Even smaller cities have their own universities. I had an opportunity to travel from Konya to Chanakkale by road. On the 12-hour long journey, the bus passed through many towns, villages and cities. The most important thing that could be seen during the journey was that every village, town and city had the basic infrastructure and facilities for education, employment and health care, and that the citizens need not go to other cities and town in search of these facilities.

Discussion was about the grooming and training. Here, the universities “adopt” small children, under which children between the age group of 3 and 6 are trained under their “crush program.” Every university has a pre-primary section and expert teachers teach these children etiquettes. In other words, each university has a department which acts as a combination of play group, day-care center and kindergarten in which every child is required to be admitted, because without the “university certificate,” a child will not get admission in a primary school. It is a beautiful and heart-warming scene to watch these innocent children going to their schools. Had there not been children in the world, because of the sins of the elders this world would have been destroyed many times over. In the “Crush department,” the teachers teach these children etiquettes concerning eating, behaving, smiling, apologizing, asking pardon, pardoning others, vacating their places for others, saying with a smile small benedictory and congratulatory sentences. Seeing the smiling faces uttering every now and then words of apologies in the markets and on the roads, I remembered the maxim of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif: “We can become a great nation, if we start to forgive and start to apologize.” Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has described displaying a smile as an act of charity, and here we are who have all forgotten to smile while speaking. It is the result of this grooming in the childhood that whenever an old person enters a bus or a tram or a train and he cannot find a vacant seat, the younger person immediately vacates his seat and offers it to the old person. It is quite true that civilized behavior is nothing but respecting the elders and the weak. We, as a nation, are in need of grooming and training in morality, ethics, behavior and conduct. Although, on the individual level we find many fine models of good behavior and ethics, but collectively we lag far behind in this regard. The logic and philosophy of acquiring a piece of land for the establishment of Islamic way of life can well be understood in this background, as it grooms everyone in the society according to the teachings of Islam and help them become good human beings.

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