Enemies of Humanity

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About 18 months ago, the enemies of humanity had themselves created the Islamic State, had provided it with manpower and equipped it with arms and ammunition, and now declaring it to be a threat to humanity gathering around them the entire world. They themselves ask it to carry out terrorist attacks in various parts of the world and in reaction to these attacks they themselves raise a hue and cry. Perhaps in the beginning this group was not meant to operate on the international level and was to be used only in Syria and Iraq and therefore it was called Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. When the experiment of oppression, massacre and destruction was successful in Syria and Iraq, it was planned to spread it on the international level and every country was made to feel threatened. This experiment was also successful. Now it is called only as Islamic State, and every country feels threatened by it, and people sympathetic to it are being arrested and detained in almost all the countries of the world. Also the oppressive regimes all over the world are getting benefited by this development, as they have been able to divert the attention of their people and the world from the more serious domestic issues like violation of human rights, oppression of minorities, etc.

Let us ponder for a while

Let us assume that ISIS is what it is described to be by America and Israel, i.e. it is a militant organization which wants to establish an Islamic caliphate in the world. The question is: Is this group so strong that America cannot confront it alone and that the entire power of the world is required to fight and defeat it, while it is a fact that America alone can easily destroy ISIS in a day ten times over? Where are its regular forces, where is its capital, and how can it supply oil to other countries when no one can sell oil without the permission of the UN? How can it carry out attack in a powerful country like France where they have foolproof security arrangements? The Syrian refugees cannot carry out such attack as they themselves are in a distress situation. If this had been carried out by French Muslims, then did not they know that this results only getting a bad name to Islam? How much the Muslim community has gained or lost from such attacks? Such a major attack cannot be carried out on France without the connivance of the super powers. These are some of the questions over which the world has to ponder.

The world knows

The world knows that the European countries have recognized the independent Palestinian State against the wishes of both America and Israel. Israel tried its best that the UN should not recognize the Palestinian State. The world also knows that countries like France, Germany and Brazil do not accept the American supremacy wholheartedly, and they have reservations over the actions it takes in the world. Their stand about the international terrorism is also quite different. It is also known to the impartial intellectual of the world that the fight of Islam with America is an ideological one and that war on terrorism is war on Islam. The objective of installation of Israel in the heart of Middle East is to subjugate the entire area. Hence, the drama of the Islamic State is being played just to malign the name of Islam and weaken the Muslim community, and in this drama those countries are actively taking part who have enmity towards Islam and Muslims; the reasons for this enmity are quite evident to the intelligentsia.

Dawat Sehroza 25-11-15 News & Views by Parwaaz Rehmani translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com


  1. M a quader says:

    Thank you for the eye opener. May Allah bless you.

  2. Amir Talukdar says:

    Yes what an evil plot by the American-Zionist team, but little do they know that they plot and Allah too plots, and Allah is the best of plotters.

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