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The Prime Minister of India has once again announced that terrorism had no particular face, nor has it a religion, and, therefore, it was wrong to associate terrorism with any particular religion. This statement is very important and its importance has doubled since it was made in an international forum on a foreign soil. This statement could be viewed from two different angles. One angle is that the Prime Minister wanted to tell the leaders of the world that it was wrong to connect terrorism with a particular religion as it would entail in harmful consequences. The other angle is that this statement has made it clear that any plan or strategy adopted on this basis would not be acceptable to India. Yet another aspect of the matter should be viewed from domestic background. This statement has a message for the domestic leadership that they should desist from acting in the matter in such a way that would negate the purpose of the statement made on a foreign soil.

The statement of the Prime Minister also carries with it some demands, and these demands address more than one person. The first addressee is the Prime Minister himself. He should honour and his statement and should never speak or act in a way that annuls it and that makes people say that he had issued the statement just for ostentation and that he was not serious about it. If he is serious and honest about his statement, then he should ask his associates in his Party and the Government not to associate acts of terrorism to any particular religion. He has great influence over his Party’s workers and his associates and he is portrayed as a strong leader, and therefore, it would not be difficult for him to ask them to follow his wishes. If he does not do that it would be surmised that either he cannot control his associates or he is not sincere in his statement. Either way, his image and the image of the country would suffer and he would not be able to achieve the objectives for which he is working so hard.

Dawat Sehroza 28-11-15 editorial translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com

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