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RSS, as everyone knows, is a disciplined and well-organized organization of the country and perhaps the largest NGO of the world. It influences people outside the country too. It was established in Nagpur in 1925 as a small voluntary group. In the beginning, it had no country-wide ambitions, but as its work progressed so also grew its ambitions. Basically, it is an organization of Brahmins which wants its ideology to rule over the country. It has its own elucidation of Hinduism. It has allocated the position of god to the land of India and calls it Bharat Mata after giving it the form of a goddess. It has got its own flag. This organization wants to strengthen the Hindu caste system, but as a policy and diplomacy speaks against it. Since this caste system is based on birth, it feels threatened from the lower castes, and it manifested before the Independence of the country by Dr. Ambedkar in the 1950s and earlier to that in Bengal. Therefore, to keep them bound within the caste system the Sangh (1) portrayed religious minorities as their enemies, and (2) allowed them to get reservations in government jobs.

Reservations, a headache

However, nobody knew that a time would come when reservations would become a headache. It manifested in a great way in Bihar. The rise of backward communities and Dalits could not be stopped by beef, Pakistan and fake nationalism. It is not known what the Sangh is planning to do in future. It is a tragedy that this organization is using its cadre and well-wishers negatively, though the sincerity of its workers, adherence to their objectives and public service activities are praiseworthy. This organization is rendering valuable services in many segments of the society. It has formed many smaller organizations which work in distant villages located in forests, mountains and other inaccessible areas. Its workers are well-behaved and are always ready to serve people. Even their top leaders are not ashamed to attend to smaller works. They even clean the filthy drains and at the time of natural or human disasters, they try to reach the spot at the earliest and take up relief work.

Would it be…

Hence, a desire comes to the fore that would it be this organization could serve the country and its people on positive ground, the basis of its belief could be the Unity of God and its motivation for public service could be seeking the pleasure of God. It is true that the leadership of this organization is well-equipped to understand the belief in the Unity of God and its consequences, as it is a very learned leadership. But it is regrettable that it has adopted a negative attitude, and therefore contradictions and inconsistencies are found in its working. On the one hand it has nurtured sincere workers who are ever ready to serve the people, and on the other hand it has raised unruly groups like VHP, Bajrang Dal, and others and has left them unbridled in the society to indulge in maligning others and even committing murder. It is evident that these contradictions have come into existence because the Sangh wants to retain the unjust caste system prevalent in Indian society at any cost. If it were to work believing the entire humanity as a family unit and the creator of the universe to be One, it would have been better for it. Now that the Sangh is taking stock of its activities after the defeat in Bihar elections, it would be better if a delegation of Muslims could meet the RSS leadership and direct their attention to this aspect of the matter.

Dawat Sehroza 28-11-15 News & Views by Parwaaz Rehmani translated by translationsonline.in@gmail.com

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  1. Amir Talukdar says:

    I appreciate your concern and your sincerity to invite RSS to the right path. If that happens it will change the face of not only India but definitely the whole world as our nation with its vast populace has this potential. But unfortunately RSS and its front and fringe organisations and its myriad offshoots are doing such a disgrace to the country by their ideology and their negative preaching and practices. On the other hand the Muslim community which has an ideology and way of life and governance that would benefit the country and the world at large, are either sleeping or are walking the wrong path. Its now the duty of the very few lovers of humanity who should unite all from among the Dalits, the minority communities, the secular groups, etc. and take the task of fighting the evils and enforcing the good in this country. And that day shall surely come very soon, God willing.

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