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Tarique Mahmood Choudhry

The Middle East has been burnt down; just ashes have remained over. The fire has now reached Europe.

I condemn in the strongest words the acts of terrorism committed in Paris. The heart of a writer too sheds tears of blood as does the heart of every civilized person on such a tragedy. With every word of pity and sympathy that can be found in a dictionary and with all the force of eloquence, I share the grief of those innocent persons who became the victim of madness and were killed on that cold night of November. There is no propriety for terrorism; force and guns cannot be instruments of argument. However, a question jumps out of all the protective windows of mind and stands in front of me asking: When an oppressor tyrannizes without any reason, on which principles of logic should the oppressed react; if the oppressed do not get justice what channel remains open for them except revenge; and had the oppressed got justice, would the incidents that happened in Paris have happened? Perhaps people might not like it; the answers that we get to all these questions are in negative. When powerful nations snatch away the right to live from the weaker nations, when their own land gets constricted for them and they are forced to migrate from it, when their habitats are obliterated, and when their widows, women, children, men, the aged are forced to beg for a living, incidents like Paris are bound to happen. If the powerful senselessly kindle the fire and keep on continuously pouring over it human blood, one day the same fire burns down their homes and their cities since fire requires fuel to burn whether it is human blood or human habitats. It is in the nature of fire to burn down everything to ashes, and now this fire which is thirsting for human blood has reached the pleasure houses of Europe. However, the reaction of the leaders of the superpowers, the religious leaders, and other European leaders shows that they are not interested in dousing out this fire. In the international expanse of politics, the intelligence of these tender minds has become so barren that they cannot think of any alternative plan. They do not have any workable formula to save the world and humanity from destruction. If they have anything, it is just reaction and more reaction. For these aggressors, solution for every problem is war. In their dictionary they have just one word: revenge which can be seen leaping out of their eyes like flames. Their accents smell of blood because they are fully armed and their warehouses are fully stocked with deadly weapons.

They have got B-52 bombers loaded with daisy-cutter bombs which can shred to pieces human bodies in seconds. They have got such chemical weapons which can turn every breathing creature into stone. Moreover, they have with them the United Nations Organization which authenticates their every act of aggression, genocide, aggression and every kind of crime against humanity, it creates for them various nefarious international coalitions, and it provides the umbrella of international law for aggression of weaker countries. This attitude along with unlawful use of force and ignoring the cries of the oppressed for justice, has given birth to terrorism. This “civilized villainy” has created the suicide bombers. This is the approach which has given rise to militancy. The attitude of solving every issue and problem with force has brought the world at the verge of the Third World War, which is being apprehended by none other than the Pope, the spiritual leader of the Christians. An intellectual had rightly said that no one can predict who will win the Third World War, but one thing is quite certain that during the Fourth World War, men will use weapons made out of stone, as the destruction during the Third World War would be so complete that it will push back humanity to the Stone Age.

The suicide attacks on Paris have once again opened up the lost and hazy pages of history. The Western nations insist upon beginning the world history from 9/11. The powerful want to write history according to their whims and fancies. But history of oppression and tyranny cannot be wiped out from the annals of time. Today, the international leaders, intellectuals and commentators are declaring the suicide attacks in Paris to be causeless; their argument is correct. However, the question is on what basis the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, under which law the bullets were fired and bombs dropped on unarmed civilians in the jungles of Vietnam, and under which logic the Palestinian land was usurped and handed over to Israel. Why no NATO or non-NATO alliance was formed to prevent these atrocities? When the Palestinians were massacred in the camps of Sabra and Shatila, why no G-7 or G-20 Conferences were convened? When the Crotian Christians massacred innocent Muslims in Bosnia, why the conscience of the civilized world did not get up from its deep slumber? To defeat the Russian aggression in Afghanistan, though America cobbled together fighters and mercenaries, but after the defeat of Russia, left Afghanistan on the mercy of these fighters. Now why raise a hue and cry when these militants have spread all over the world.

No one supports the act of terrorism. But on what basis Iraq was invaded and occupied in the name of destruction of chemical weapons, and on what basis Libya was destroyed? It was nothing but intoxication and madness of power. Nobody cares to know how many thousands were killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. No data is ever tried to be collected as to the civilian casualties of men, women and children in these conflicts, and were never made a part of the agenda of various Conferences.

Today, the incidents of 11/13 are in the news. Earlier, after the 9/11 incident, America along with its allies had invaded the weak and poorly armed Afghanistan and had destroyed it. Fourteen years after 9/11, capital of every country of the world is unsafe. Two decades ago, the Western powers decided to fight out their wars away from their lands in distant poorer countries and they were very happy about it. But now that war has reached their doorsteps. If they have time, the Western leader should ponder about what they have given to the world – peace or destruction.

Dawat Sehroza 25-11-15 article by Tarique Mahmood Choudhry translated by

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    Solution can be by negation of greed.But how ? Unless afterlife is believed as per QURAN.

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