Yes, it is the “Islamic State”

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There is no doubt that the “Islamic State” was responsible for the attacks carried out in Paris on the night of November 13, the same terrorist group which has been created and established by the anti-Islamic forces to malign the name of Islam and Muslim community and has named it Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. These attacks were not unexpected. Since many months, statements from the leaders of America and other countries were being issued that the “Islamic State” has become very “powerful” and that it can carry out major attacks. Our own Prime Minister had issued a statement from London just before the attacks in France that the biggest threat to the world is terrorism and that the entire world should get united against it. It was also being said that attacks similar to the one carried out in Mumbai could be carried out in the West, and in fact, the attacks carried out in Paris were similar in nature. Eight armed men suddenly appeared from somewhere and after spreading to different places, began attacking people with guns and bombs and killed 150 persons. Later they were also killed and no survivor remained to tell his side of the story, as had happened in the 2008 Mumbai attack in which except for Ajmal Kasab (who was afterwards hanged), everyone had been killed.

Continuation of War on Terrorism

As expected the entire world, including the Muslim world, has condemned this barbaric attack. The Muslim scholars and intellectuals of this country too have strongly condemned this attack. However, this is being condemned only on the basis of the information being provided by the Western media and sources who claim the attackers to be from the “Islamic State.” But no one tries to know the reality behind the “Islamic State.” This is a part of the campaign which was undertaken after the 9/11 attacks. On September 11, 2001, the American agencies had got the twin towers demolished and had blamed it on the Islamic terrorism. Thereafter, President George Bush Jr. had made an announcement of a “long war” on terrorism and was determined to take along the entire world in this war. In the meantime, this incident was blamed on al-Qaeda although its role was over after the exit of Russia from Afghanistan. Moreover, many new groups of terrorists were created in Muslim countries and they were all linked with Islam. The latest creation is the “Islamic State” which, after the dismissal of the legitimate government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was created and propped up to create fear and resentment in the minds of the people towards Islamic system of life and governance.

Just Condemnation is not enough

In this American and Israeli campaign, many innocents are killed. The 150 persons killed in France were also innocent. But these imperialist powers are prepared to go to any length to save their imperialistic system and subjugate the entire world. The Islamic tenets and way of life are their targets because this is the system which can free the world from the oppressive usury based economic system, deliver mankind from the evils of alcoholism, ending the prejudices based on color, creed, religion, region and language unite mankind on the basis of humanity, stopping the exploitation of women bestow upon them a lofty position in the society, and stop oppression of the destitute by the rich. Islamic system of life and governance is based on Unity of God and Unity of Mankind and therefore it presents a complete code of life which was beautifully implemented during the short reign of President Mursi in Egypt, and that was, indeed, the Islamic State. After destroying this real Islamic State, now a fake Islamic State has been created and it is being presented as the real Islamic State. The aforesaid attack has been carried out in France which is not as faithful to America as the other countries are. In the Charlie Hebdo incident too its role was somewhat fair. Therefore, it is expected that it will try to reach the bottom of the incident, and certainly Germany will also help France in this regard. Along with the condemnation of the incident, the world should try to find out more about the “Islamic State.”

Dawat Sehroza 22-11-15 Khabar o Nazar by Parwaaz Rehmani translated by


  1. shahnawaz khan says:

    Islamic state is the creation of america n Israel to malgn the islam n to capture the treasure of oil.they are the true terrorist.

  2. Layeeque Ahmed says:

    In fact DAISH militants are not islamists.They are all hypocrites who have wore Islamic attire only to defame Islam.Actually America is a weapon country manufacturing a large heap of ammunition .It needs to do something special act to sell its huge treasures of ammunition .In mid thirties second world war began with the excuse of revenge of Pearl Harber attack.It gave an opportunity to America to sell it’s weapons .In eighties it was war between iraq and iran which helped america to sell its weapons to these countries.Nowadays America created an atmosphere of terrorism making whole world to buy weapons to protect their countries.In this way America succeeded in traping all countries to buy weapons from America to protect themselves. And this process will continue unless the world recognize American cuningness

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